Monday, June 04, 2007

splendiferousousness... or something like that...

Art & Jazz Fest was a wonderful event. I am so glad I was able to participate. Being among artists feeds my spirit. Amazingly the weather was perfect. I blog too much about weather, but damn!... it was just fabulous how the rains (storms, I mean) skipped around us. I could go on and on about it, but I won't. if you live in this area you know that it is nearly miraculous that this event happened under SUNNY SKIES!!
So, our tent rocked! I was honored to be among...
Sandi Dinehart~ who sponsored our tent and provided us with the use of her credit card machine, her exuberant personality and a few icy Shiner Bocks! Hugs to her and her dear hubby, a funny and kind man.

Lisa Raymer~ My friend and former bosslady, an amazingly talented artist who can do anything
and I mean ANYTHING! She is a bundle of energy and creative ideas. Her jewely is so beautiful and unique. Check out her business... Decoupage Flooring

Kathy Kromer~ A fun and talented lady whose work is exuberant and colorful. Her painting bring smiles!! Her website is down, but you can check out her apperance on HGTV!! Impressive, Kathy! Crafts : Artists / Crafters : Mixed Media Collage : Home & Garden Television

Janet Landers~ A fine painter whose canvases range from a whimsical green horse to Tuscan landscapes. Sorry Janet-can't find anywhere to link to for your art. Rats!

And last, but not least... the very talented Manuel Sarmiento. His metal sculptures are beautiful. I would love to see him at work. His pieces are gorgeous. I would suggest you buy one or two quickly before they become utterly unaffordable. Wonderful work! Check him out here... artists.htm

Oh, and little ol'

more later...

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