Monday, June 04, 2007


I'll regale you all with stories of the Art & Jazz Fest a little later, but this can't wait!

So I'm at the Fest on Saturday and I met Shelly...

who , I swear to God, says to me... "I read your blog all the time." I nearly fell over. I did a quick mental replay of my posts and blushed (which I never do!) and then offered her my autograph... JUST JOSHIN'!!! It was a bit surreal to meet this seemingly normal person who actually takes the time to read my crappy blog.

So, Shelly... Thanks for stopping by and it was a delight to meet you!!! I hereby promise to attempt to make this rag-o-blog a bit more exciting. Yes, I will have to lie, but we writers like to call that fiction. Stayed tuned...

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Shelley Brant said...

Hahaha! Well, thanks! (for the shout out, not the photo, eek!...gotta call Jenny)
your faithful blog reader and artwork fan, shelley