Monday, June 04, 2007

Isn't it interesting how so many forces in our lives attempt to dictate or influence what we like and love? Our preferences define us, motivate us, steer our lives in every way. Well-meaning people, society, media, religion... so many things exert their power in so many ways to tell us what we should care about. Our desires and inclinations are formed by countless forces, some random, some programmed deep into our limbic systems, some cosmic perhaps... but isn't it our right to care for what we care for, to love what we love, to want what we want? I am not advocating pursuing every whim that we have, but I think we should honor this fundamental part of out psyches. I suppose it is just being true to yourself, but always we should consider our actions and how they effect others. Within that framework of decency and kindness, I feel we should be who we are.

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