Saturday, March 10, 2007

one small step...

Made it back to the gym last night. Kate and I strolled on the treadmill a bit and churned away on that damned eliptical until my guts screamed (10 minutes... lol!). I am glad to feel well enough to go even it can hardly be called a workout.

The weather contunues to be breathtakingly gorgeous!!! Joy!!!

I am off to McKinney to help Juli at the shop for a few hours.

I dreamed a very fine ending for my novel... well, I had the ending, but it was garbled in places. In my dream it unfolded just right. Now to write it down... lol! That's the secret, eh? ... that writing it down part... grin...

1 comment:

LJCohen said...

You go girl. Both with the treadmill and the novel ending.

Cheering for you!