Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So maybe it is not winter I hate, but the half-assed winters we have here in north Texas. I think I could use a white, purging Russian winter... a long season of snow and silence. I do appreciate the beauty of a true winter landscape, the starkness, the sharp contrasts of bare trees against a low, grey sky.
Over the weekend it was in the upper 80s here, following by a swift plunge into the 30s. Such a tease...
Off to mail Christmas packages today with my sis. I confess a bit of the holiday spirit has come over me. Could it be all the sequins? The box from Hickory Farms? Hell, I don't know, but I glad for it.
Maybe it will snow...

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LJCohen said...

See? I told you it wasn't winter. LOL.

Sending you thoughts of a lovely snowfall seen through a living room window, fire roaring in the fireplace.