Friday, January 05, 2007

my captain, my captain!

Ah, well, my post-holiday sigh-o-relief was short-lived. I have a trunk show on Feb. 10 & 11 so I must kick ass on making pendants and collage art. Also, my friend Myrel is opening a bed & breakfast and I am going to donate* (* give her my junk~ cool junk, though) a hoard of stuff to help her decorate it. She also needs signs, so I will be dragging out my paints. I have another trunk show in March, but the dates are not nailed down yet.

And... I have my pendants in a new store in Richardson called Beaucoup. I think I need to give up on getting my website launched. I need to hire someone to set it up. I CAN do it, but it is sooooo time consuming for an amateur. I hate to say I can't do it, but... well, there you go.

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