Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ghost in the machine

My last three posts for this riviting blog have vanished. Pity! They were so clever! Oh, well...
Yesterday's dreary weather has also vanished and in its place there is a lovely Tuesday. There will be no weather related excuses for not voting accepted today.
I have one million things to do today. The wedding is in less than two weeks! Egads!!! Haven't a clue what I'm wearing. The men have it easy... a suit or a tux. I still have a gazillion favors to make!!!
My trunk show is also fast approaching. I guess I will solder pendants in my sleep. I have lots of art done, but the soldering always slows me down. I'll get it done. And, as usual, the emails for special orders are starting to come in.
Well, I am off to tackle my list-o-tasks... and vote. You should too!

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