Thursday, July 06, 2006

all in a day's work...

Yea! These five collages are finished (back and front). They are 3" x 5" and will be encased in glass like my pendants. I am going to make several more this size and some larger ones. I am really enjoying working on these larger pieces after so much teeny-tiny work. These are comissioned pieces, but I am going to make some more for eBay.

I'm taking Kate,Ryan and Will out to dinner then at12:01 a.m. Will and I are off to see the first showing of "Pirates of the Caribbean~ Dead man's Chest". Do I know how to live, or what??

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~jolene said...

Yes, you know how to live!

Hi, I found you via A/C's blog when you left a comment there. I have read most of your posts, and LOVE your art ...I am drawn to anyone who has an Official GW Countdown on their blog! Right On! :)

My daughter and granddaughter met Johnny Depp at the red carpet event at Disneyland. Well, met is an interesting granddaughter who is just shy of 15 was shoved into the crowd barrier by some rude fans...Johnny saw it happen...and my granddaughter softly said..."could someone please help me"...and Johnny came to her! Yes, seriously. He spoke to her for over a minute, making sure she was okay and not injured. He ignored the rude girls who had shoved her as they screamed for an autograph. A friend who is one of Disney's official photographers snapped a close up of Johnny...and you can see my granddaughters clothing reflecting in his glasses! The look of concern on his face is incredible. We have always been huge fans of his work -- and now knowing what a caring person he is makes us admire him even more!

We won't be able to see the movie for a few more days -- really looking forward to it!